You've probably already heard that 500 million of you yahoo users need to change your password right now.

Because, Yahoo has been hacked.



According to yahoo by a state-sponsored actor and this was done two years ago.  No one nowhere seems to be asking or answering the painfully obvious question why are we only hearing about this now .Two days ago yahoo released an unassuming bullet. In entitled an important message about yahoo user security. In it, they revealed that a massive data breach had taken place in 2014.

A hack, that contains, compromising information of a half a billion of yahoo users.  Yahoo says that the culprit behind this crime is quoted a state-sponsored actor.  A quote state-sponsored actor means that Yahoo is accusing some government, we don't know who, have hacked their information

Now it should be said that be cryptic is a very strong encryption method so passwords may be safe although that's not much of a comfort I'm sure yahoo users . so why only tell us now did you only find out about this recently and if so that says a lot about your security or did you know about it and for some nefarious reason decided not to tell us and only now.

Well, that's a good question because let me tell you that private information your private information has been on the black market to be bought and sold for nefarious purposes that should be a concern. You should be upset it's pretty upsetting to me. So when this happens and you don't explain why you don't answer an obvious question people like me have to speculate so I'm going to speculate what has happened recently.  

Well, Yahoo’s negotiating a deal with Verizon to sell to Verizon which is really only or Yahoo's only exit that's their only big play right now. years ago four years ago Harvey long it was Marissa Meyer took over as CEO of Yahoo it was a hope it was a big hope that she can innovate do some product innovation and really revolutionize the company to come back to its former glory days that hasn't happened so much .  So the only real we'll play now is to sell big to sell to a big player like Verizon.

So if I was working for the horizon and I was an industrial espionage or I was a lawyer I was an operative for Verizon all these big companies have operatives like this.  I would leak this information . After I know it just before the final sale to affect the sale to bring that cost down to have any evidence to that fact no but yahoo is not provided us any other information so we got to speculate we got to answer it. Because users like you are obviously going to ask that question

 I'm asking that question and I read the article. I read the press release that yahoo put out nothing. So is that it I think that probably has something to do with it.

Before we go we should state the obvious that you need to change your password and you need to change them now and if you want to fifty-nine percent of the people in the world that use the same password for all your accounts across platforms I'm sure many of you geeks are like that but if you change all your passwords changed them now.