A new way to communicate the things around you

WhatsApp wants to be international cross-platform FaceTime therefore, 4 days ago on 15 Nov 2016, the Facebook-owned chat service WhatsApp  officially launched video calling for its over 1 billion users worldwide on iOS, Android and Windows. So now, it is a time to update the app from the play store, open a chat, and tap the familiar video camera icon in the top-right corner which will start your Video Chat.  The video chat results on whatApp looks like a video chatting as we have done before on Skype &  Facebook Messenger. It will be like  two faces on the screen and communicate with each other. Even, during the call, you can switch between the forward-facing and rear camera, mute the call and press the red button to hang up.





With the latest update in whatsApp , this Year 2016 has been exceptionally productive for WhatsApp, which Facebook has bought in 2014 for $22 billion. This year as the company introduced a desktop client end-to-end encryption and features for writing and drawing on top of photos as well. Even, few of other messaging apps were introduced, but still whatsApp able to win that rivalry and able to retain its user just because of cumulative updates in the application.

Eventually we could say that WhatsApp could flourish with users no matter how they want to communicate. Further ,users are still looking forward for the new latest update from whatsApp.