It’s a problem I see all too often…

Marketers learn SEO tactics and really do a good job of implementing them.


Before they knew it, the traffic to their site rose to 3,000 visits per month, then 10,000, then 20,000. Together to grow the amount of their traffic, marketers are also building their email list from this traffic.

I am glad that I have read many stories of entrepreneurs who make 5 figures per month from only a few thousand of the email list.

Then, they launch a product and get the horrible conversion rate.

It makes no sense for them, after all, they has done everything right, is it not ?  

If you've ever been in this situation, I know that you can easily understand the pain and frustration it causes.

If you do not, I even don’t want you to go through it.

In this post, it will help you understand why it happens and how to use SEO with the most effective way to avoid this grim scenario from ever happening to you.

Does this sound familiar?

In a very general framework SEO work, there are critical errors. If you avoid, it greatly increases the chances of creating a sustainable business.

Here is a mistake, simply:

You have to build a good-sized audience, but it was not a cohesive society. In other words, people in your audience are too different from each other.

This can be a difficult concept to grasp at first, but once you do, it will open your eyes.

He may have been trying to cash with Adsense, or the same advertising platform, and got decent results. Therefore, the search traffic is really high quality.

But clever Adsense; they serve different ads to different people, based on their results.

They know that a marketing expert, not looking for SEO, beginner introductory video that marketing is concerned.

Therefore, not much matter what type of SEO traffic that you get when you earn money with Adsense.

The light bulb has gone yet? All businesses start somewhere and most only a few products at best.

If you are still trying to find the first great success of SEO, you can have only one product.

If you have accumulated search traffic from keywords that you can, you will end up with a very diverse audience.

The search engine traffic is to attract people who are not only interested in your niche, but also in the products you sell.

Sometimes you will have 3 different groups of people. But if you rank for keywords, you can have different, making it the most depressing results.

As you can see, the main problem is in you without thinking about trying to rank for any vaguely related to your niche keyword.

The traffic is vanity numbers, at the time, because when it comes to your business at this time, the traffic you are getting is not targeted, nor is it high quality.

Stop approaching retirement SEO

If you ever fall into this trap, it's not your fault, but it's an important thing to learn.

More SEO approach in reverse. They are obsessive raw traffic numbers, waiting to find out the conversion once, not realizing that they shot themselves in the foot.

They spend their time reading about and applying SEO tactics, without fully understanding their purpose or because they work.

This culminates in the kind of disaster that I walked through.

So, let's start with the basics:

The search engines (SEO) is a marketing channel.

The purpose of getting traffic from the search engines is to try to move it funnel and through it. Power marketing channel is leading to the top of the regime.

Once you put your potential customers on a mailing list, usually it can lead them to consider and keep trying to move down the funnel.

What you have to do is reverse-engineering the funnel.

Starting at the bottom and the processing path that may take away from the top of the funnel to reach the bottom. If clients can come from search engines, understand the key word "appropriate" in office.

For example, we have football & almost no chance that the training programs the client will be the key phrase "how to bet on football."

With this approach, eliminate all significant crowd trouble that will not pass successfully the first stage of the funnel.

The next step is to take a hard look at your current content.

Make a list of all content that has been published, which have the potential to drive search traffic.

Even better, go to Google Analytics, and export your content from the "behavior", in order of amount of organic traffic driven (to add a "find traffic" filter):

In the spreadsheet, add a column next to the title or URL. Through your piece of content, one by one, and label each with the type (s) of people that will be most interested in this post.

At the same time, line lights, said on the green, where the content based on the type of people who are interested in your product (from the previous step). A quick end will tell you where you are.

You can store any targeted content? Hopefully, you will have a lot of green, but you can not. You may find that most of the content can be read by people who do not make it through your sales funnel.

Should remove the content, or leave it alone?

You can make one, but it would be a shame if this content is already generating traffic.

Instead, I suggest some other action programs:

  1. Add additional internal connections - With the addition of internal links to pages that are targeted, you can take advantage of the authority which was built in the pages that are not targeted.
  2. Money in different ways - Stop adding visitors to this page for a list of the primary e-mail address. Or add it to a separate list and launched a different product (an affiliate product to use if you do not have relevant), or advertising use.

While your goals should be identified only green content that does not mean it is not possible to draw some benefit from his work in the past.

Fix your future SEO trim your keyword list

You can’t fix the mistakes of the past, but you can do so that you do not do it again in the future.

This can have a large list of keywords that have been created by the search keywords that you think is good to hit.

It's time to revisit them.

While all the keywords identified before might be a good word target key for some companies, it is not all that good for your business.

Instead of wasting your time creating and promoting content that attracts the wrong kind of audience in your niche, they spend a lot of relevant, targeted traffic.

I highly recommend you to focus on a single commodity that is trying to sell. Then, in the future, it is possible to identify products that could be done to address other segments of your niche.

To date, identify one or two types of people who buy a product, you want to go at the top of your sales funnel.

Delete or hide all the keywords that do not attract people.

You will be left with a much smaller list of keywords in many cases. However, the search traffic that you get from these keywords will almost certainly be a great value.

It not limited to SEO

I understand the hesitation to limit the amount of search traffic you can get.

There is a certain level of security in knowing that you are getting tens of thousands of search visitors per month and there are more and more keywords to target.

But here's the thing: if you want to succeed, you need to forget about vanity numbers, such as traffic, and look at the quality of traffic.

If you really understand that SEO is only a marketing channel, we know there are many other marketing channels out there.

Now that you know the type of person you are looking for, you can find them on social media sites, the application site, blogs and other online platforms.

Here is the source of many ends that will introduce you to these other channels; just keep in mind the ultimate goal of channelling:


Traffic by SEO itself is not a destination. The goal is to have the traffic actually turns into a customer.

Do not waste your time creating and promoting content that does not attract the right type of readers to your site.