Hello ‘Orkut’

In the 2000s, our life was different from today. We had an Orkut.

I knew little about what "social networking" is, but Orkut formed our social life. However, with the advent of more sophisticated platforms, we had to fill it quietly.
But now, it is back with a bang.

According to the report of TOI, Orkut comes back in the form of a new application "Hello".

Hello applications are specifically built for new mobile generations and are attracting people's attention to create positive and meaningful social engagement.

Orkut Buyukkoten, the founder of Orkut and now Hello said,

"If you look at social media today, it has isolated people instead of bringing them closer. It has become more about broadcasting than sharing. We need a fresh start. Hello is built around interest-based communities where users with same interests can connect, leading to true connections"

The company already started Hello in Brazil in 2016, and now it is coming to India. After India, the company would look at rolling out its service in the US, France, and Germany as well.