Google CEO Sundar Pichai relives school days at IIT-Kharagpur visit

The Tagore open theater at IIT Kharagpur which was full to its full limit as 3500 IITians swung up to listen to their former student, Google CEO Sundar Pichai. For Pichai, it was a passionate homecoming, his first visit to his institute of matriculation since he moved on from IIT Kharagpur in 1993. "The last time I was here, I was leaving to catch my train from the railway station. It was a tragic adventure, leaving the establishment. I have not been back since,'' said Sundar Pichai.

Twenty-three years after the fact, Pichai, now a standout amongst the most noted of IITians, tended to a social occasion of understudies spreading over various divisions, who had lined up to hear him out since the morning, all wearing dark Google baseball tops which they had been given before.

"When I first came to Kharagpur, I didn't know any Hindi as I had quite recently touched base from Chennai. In any case, throughout the weeks I got a scattering of the dialect, sufficiently sure to go to the chaos and request nourishment. So I went and shouted to the server – 'Abey Saaley' – I didn't comprehend what it implied, however, expected that it was a typical welcome since that is the means by which everybody around me would welcome each other. The chaos folks were angry to the point that they close down the mess for some time,'' he said amid roars of laughter.

Answering questions about his days at the Institute, Pichai said that he would bunk classes like any other person. "It is a kind of soul-changing experience in college,'' Sundar Pichai even said, "Yet I additionally worked hard.''

Google CEO Sundar Pichai relives school days at IIT-Kharagpur visit

Pichai met his wife Anjali, his schoolmate, at IIT Kharagpur and would walk over to the only girl's hostel at the time, SN Hall, to meet her.

"I come to India consistently. The rate at which things are advancing in the nation, at any rate carefully, is marvelous. The main PC I have ever see was here, on the IIT grounds.

Ten years after he exited IIT Kharagpur, Pichai joined Google. Ten years from that point forward, he turned into its CEO. Discussing Google, Pichai said that the most recent trendy expression in the market, and what Google is at present, centering its Research and Development around is "Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence".

We have recently published a paper on diabetic retinopathy – which is the quickest developing reason for visual impairment on the planet. We are taking a gander at applying machine figuring out how to all fields, for example, this eye illness with the goal that one would no longer need to go to an ophthalmologist for a conclusion, however, a normal specialist will have the capacity to analyze such maladies as well,''said Sundar Pichai.

"Google is attempting to fabricate items for everybody on the planet. For India, we need to get Google working in as many languages as possible and not just English because everyone does not know English.”

Through his connection, Sundar Pichai was tossed a volley of inquiries by the IItians – "What was your GPA at IIT?" "Who is your most loved Bollywood on-screen character", 'Do despite everything you get calls from your school companions?", 'Who was your most loved educator at IIT", "How make I get a showing with regards to with Google" and "How much power do you have as the Google CEO? Will you set up the IIT Kharagpur Logo as the Google Logo for a day?"

During the session, one student even asked Pichai, "How might I replace you at Google?" To which a chuckling Pichai replied, "Be cautious what you wish for. Further, he said, you can simply meet me for a chai and we can talk about it.''

"Consistently when I visit Bangalore and Delhi, I meet various business visionaries running new companies. There is nothing absent in our new businesses. Actually, they are remarkable and can contend with the best on the planet. He added the Indian market is not sufficiently vast to put resources into innovation. India has extraordinary potential, yet a part of the issue is that the advanced market is still developing, he said on Thursday.

On China, Pichai said that India's objective ought to be somewhat unique. "I am sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that India can soon turn into a worldwide player in the planet's computerized economy. There are extraordinary new companies here. So, soon we ought to have the capacity to rival anybody, anyplace,'' Sundar Pichai  said.

"An awesome aspect concerning India is the gigantic enthusiasm for education – both among the students and their parents. But I come across cases of children in the eighth grade who start preparing for IIT. I am shocked by this. Our education is still very bookish whereas we need a more all-round development and exposure. There is still a lot of pressure to follow set lanes through our colleges and our careers.”

“In the US the emphasis is on creativity, and we need to push more for this. IT is very hard to get into IIT and quite an achievement. But an IIT or any other premier institute is not a guarantee for success. At Google, we have many people from IIT. But we also have people from other institutions across the globe and India – and these are remarkable people with remarkable talent as well,” said Pichai when asked about Indian education.