Many major brand have proved itself in this competitive era . These brands are now the reach of new customer & it is true these will remain in the market.

An old saying “Change in the law of nature”. Although it's ture that there are considerable risks too .



Let's explore how  major companies were able to refresh their well-established brands for the better in the market.

1) Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

Colonel Sanders -- the real man behind the brand -- appeared in KFC ads. In his trademark white suit and western bow tie, Sanders' big personality and natural salesmanship proved to be decisive in the fast food franchise's success.

2) GoDaddy

GoDaddy ,known for their bawdy, provocative ad campaigns. And, the domain registrar and web hosting company has made deliberate steps away from their macho image in recent years, choosing instead to focus on  small business owners, who depend on their services.

Latest ads depict funny, fictionalized accounts of small business owners, such as an artist who designs little hats for cats.

3) Bud Light

In 2016, the beer of choice for football games and college parties received its first rebrand in 15 years, along with a humorous new series of ads parodying the presidential election.

The new logo and can design is decidedly less sporty and more reminiscent of craft beer label trends. The composition might be a nod to original Budweiser packaging, but the reimagined packaging is intended to appeal to a new generation of beer drinkers.


Essential role of creativity or new ideas in advertising