Iphone 7 -This time around apple has two models the iphone 7 iphone 7 plus although the exteriors of the phones may look very similar to last year's things like the new flash the water resistance and a bunch of other little features including the new camera system I think add up to a definite purchase especially if you're up for an upgrade both the iphone 7 plus and iphone 7 are now ip67 compliant which means that they are splash and dust resistant so not waterproof can't just dive into the pool and start using them but if you do fall in or did pushed in or you're watching dishes and they fall in the sink or you're in the bathroom and the inevitable happens or you get caught in a rainstorm you're going to be protected which is much more than you could say for past iphones or water damage was one of the big fears so that is incredibly welcome to see both the iphone 7 iphone 7 plus have a 12 megapixel camera with a new sensor the optical image stabilization is included on both now both the camera sensors are now able to capture wide gamut color further into the Reds further into the blues and further into the Greens then could be captured before the iphone 7 plus also has a second camera also told megapixel sensor but with a 56 millimeter telephoto lens so what this new camera system does is it allows you to shoot at either wide angle or telephoto optically improving greatly improving your image quality especially to distance people have had you know legitimate complaints about Apple removing the headphone jack from the iphone 7 iphone 7 plus no headphone jack no regular headphones it's annoying honestly but Apple tends to do these things because it sees what the future is it wants to push people towards that frankly i don't think most people are going to mind because the great majority of people use the headphones that came in the box and those people that aren't they do have an adapter so they can continue using the old headphones adapter come supplied it's ten bucks if you lose it so is it annoying to have an adapter for this time period between now and when almost every headphones wireless absolutely but is it worth making that investment remains to be seen but there are some clues in apple ear pods that will explain why apple's share pods come on a small case which acts as a charging device the to Bluetooth headphones so if you'd like to use it with an old iphone or an android phone you absolutely can they act as regular bluetooth headsets and repaired the normal way but they do have a special pairing method just for iphones which is pretty slack not to be overshadowed by the lack of a headphone jack there are other physical changes to these new iPhones that I think are actually very clever one is the lack of a physical home button now you have this touch-based home button which uses the taptic engine inside the phone to send a vibration signal to your thumb to make it feel like it's a click when in fact it is not there are also two new finishes one jet black and then you have what they call black or black black which is a sort of matte finish one of the major things that everybody was wondering about with jet is what its scratch the answer is yes in normal pocketing use it does scratch there are  finding regions on the surface of the phone and that is unavoidable that said the finish is amazing it's really really crisp it is not slippery it fits and holds just fine in the hand in fact I actually think that the matte black surface is actually a little slicker as far as which device I've always been a plus user and i am probably going to end up going this way in the future because that telephoto lens it's crisp it gets me a little bit closer to my subject without losing the image quality so if you're deciding between the iphone 7 & iphone 7 plus it really comes down to how much you want that larger screen and just how much into taking great pictures you are.