Google's newest messaging app at allo is finally among us. So let's check it out now when you first open the app .It's going to use your phone number as a means of identification letting you automatically retrieve your contacts who have installed a allo and we'll link itself to your main Google account registration though is tied to your phone number.  You can use a allo across multiple devices when you begin chatting with your friends it's going to remind you of other messaging services such as whatsapp hangout and even Facebook Messenger. The icons voice messaging feature and the media insertion tools look very familiar.  So you shouldn't have any problem finding your way around. 



You can send pictures which you can also draw videos, stickers voice messages your location and a regular text with an image. If you want to scream the word you can't just drag your finger to the top on the send icon or if you want to whisper, it just drags it down.  You can also see when the message has been sent with a take mark and if your friend has seen it which would then turn into to check marks now those are all features we've seen before.

But we're alllo differs is with a smart reply mostly messages you receive will have suggestions on what you should send next it's pretty cool and useful if you don't know how to keep the conversation going and you also have the suggestions in the notification area as well. Let's say your friend, you a question such as do you want to get some pizza one of these suggested replies will be a piece of places nearby and in the conversation it will show you some nearby pizzeria restaurants along with directions, pictures phone number and even an option to reserve a table right then and there in the conversation all these automated replies are coming from a feature called Google assistant. 

You can think of this as Google now being contacted on your phone where you can ask anything and it will most likely find the answer for . if you're bored it will find ways to entertain you keep you updated on the news fine restaurants are nearby events the weather translation flight information sports and much more .

Let's say you want to chat privately with your friend you can start and in Coney go chat and all these texts will have an end-to-end encryption you'll be able to tell the difference because the background will be a dark gray shade and the context profile photo in your conversation list will have a hat plus eyeglasses icon notifications you receive from this price the chat won't display the body of a message and you can set an expiration time so everything . You send or receive will eventually disappear just like a snap chat, post just keep in mind that changing the time doesn't affect previously sent messages, and you can turn it off if you want these messages to stay.

You also won't have Google assistant helping you out in these conversations but you can still send pictures videos and all other attachments so it seems like a great messenger with plenty of interesting features but the only thing it's missing is a cloud server backup / restore function uninstalling and reinstalling Allo on a different device will make all of your challenges three conversation list and media files within this app disappear maybe they'll fix this in a future update but for now this is a missing feature worth mentioning that you can send SMS but it's much more complicated than setting this as your default SMS app which you can even do what you can do is text your non-register contact through a allo and they can text you back without a allo but they will receive your messages through a random five-digit number instead of your personal one.  I don't know about you but I want to spend my friends with a telemarketers  looking phone number and a message asking them to install a new app just to chat with me still the recipient could see notification from google play services with the message you send them but it will only work on some android devices and this server update is still rolling out to the public so who knows if your friend will get that notification to begin with aside from these holdbacks. 

I still think the features provides our great inclusions to a messaging app I'm a big fan of what Google assistant does as I can get most of my information with any conversation and not have to open up a third party app instead is it worth considering over Google hangouts or whatsapp probably not the moment as most of your friends will most likely stick to what they've been using before but if more people decide to hop on this in the future than. I do think this will provide a more modern experience with features that you definitely won't find on other messengers.


Google Allo VS WhatsApp Rivalry