Sometimes, when I tell people that I blog, they roll their eyes. "That's so easy,” They even say “A monkey could do your job! Which may feel bad”. But when they actually sit down to write their first blog, it hits them. That's okay -- it happens to pretty much similar with every new blogger.

Let’s discuss five mistakes which every new Blogger does:-

1: You think of ideas in a vacuum.

It is true, when you start blogging, ideas will come to you at random times -- in the shower, on a run, while on the phone. Therefore, you should not think that only once you in a vacuum or alone , it will click.

2: Your writing's too stiff.

Write blog like you are talking as reader want to feel the content like they’re in conversation with a real person, not a machine or a robot.

3: You think you're done once the writing's done.

Every person makes mistakes while editing theirs - even the most experienced. Your first draft isn’t all that great. Therefore take time of 30 minute read & edit carefully, you draft then publish it.


4: You try to make every single blog perfect.

Everyone want to reach at a perfection while writing a Blog. But sorry, your every blog can’t be perfect. Till the time you always think only about perfect in every blog, at the same time you are stopping yourself. Keep remembering - perfect is the enemy of done.
Take a break and start writing.

5: You don't blog consistently.

Might be you have heard that “the more you blog, the more traffic you’ll get”. It is important consistent blogging will help in reaching maximum visitors. Therefore, to establish consistency, you'll need a more concrete planning strategy & use editorial calendar.

Conclusion, only consistent blogging will turn in to the perfection. “Stop wishing - Start doing”.