Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg issued a full advertisement in several British and American newspapers to apologize for Cambridge Analytics scandal "infringement of trust". An advertisement signed by Mr. Zuckerberg refers to a political consultant company accused of manipulating Facebook data at the US election in 2014, "I leaked out Facebook data of millions of people in 2014 I may have heard about quiz apps created by university researchers. "Although this was a violation of trust, we are sorry that we did not do more than then, we are taking steps to prevent this from happening again." The Observer, The Observer New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and other daily newspapers, Sunday Times, Sunday's Mail, Sunday Mirror, Sunday Express, Sunday Telegraph etc.

Mark Zuckerberg apologizes after the value of the company plummeted nearly 50 billion dollars last week
Ads containing black characters on the Facebook logo's white background will make social media companies "restrict the acquisition of data applications" when users sign in, survey all applications that accessed a large amount of data Before you "corrected the problem.
According to this advertisement, Facebook will remind users of the applications they have previously granted access and will give them the opportunity to "shut off something they do not want any more".
Zuckerberg, who received severe criticism for this scandal that brought nearly $ 50 billion worth last week, said, "I promise to work better for you."