Facebook has purchased the GIF platform Giphy for a reported $400 million.

Facebook announced that Giphy’s library of content will soon be further integrated into Instagram and therefore the company’s other apps.

“We see the positivity in how people use Giphy in our products today, and that we know that bringing the Giphy team’s creativity and talent alongside ours will only accelerate how people use communication,” Facebook said.

The deal to shop for Giphy totals around $400 million, consistent with Axios, which first broke the news about the acquisition.

Giphy hosts many graphic interchange formats, or GIFs, of all kinds of content from clips of TV shows to memes, which are commonly integrated into messaging apps to offer users how to precise themselves.

This includes getting used on Facebook and its related apps, which the corporate says accounts for half all Giphy’s traffic.


Giphy is predicted to take care of its own brand presence, with its library of GIFs, and Facebook assures users that they’re going to still be ready to upload GIFs which developers and other API users will still have equivalent access to Giphy content as before.

“By bringing Instagram and Giphy together, we will make it easier for people to seek out the right GIFs and stickers in Stories and Direct,” Facebook said.

Facebook has not yet announced when Giphy are going to be fully integrated into Instagram and its other apps.

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