With an aim of providing last-mile connectivity, Uber, in an event on Tuesday, has announced its Public Transport feature for Delhi. Now, Uber users in Delhi will see a new Public Transport option alongside UberGo, Premier and Pool and will be able to plan the journey end-to-end.
While selecting the public transport feature, riders will be able to see the cheapest and fastest available route to get to their destination. Not just that, users will also get real-time departure time for public transportation including Delhi Metro, DTC buses and walking directions as well.
The feature ensures last mile connectivity which means that the users will have an option of taking an Uber to their nearest metro station and upon reaching to their destination metro station, they will be able to take another Uber to get to their final destination.
Uber also showcased a model metro station that focused on a dedicated pick-up and drop-off area with services such as UberGo, Pool, Auto, Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAV) and Uber Buses.

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