Don't pitch your idea to any investors without tracing a road map on your hand. Don't laugh Nothing's worse but it will not create any importance in his or her mind. It is an old saying “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today”. Therefore it is important to prepare. Your road map should outline all the stage which you are planning to cover in future.Here I would like you say cover following stages- identifying potential obstacles and how you intend to overcome them.

Idealization: You might need to retrace your steps to this early stage if your potential investors have a justifiable reason for passing on your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Pitching: Pitching your idea to the wrong investors will carry you at a stage where you will feel that you have started on a wrong footing.

Funding: Take your funding strategy very seriously. Let investors see that even if they say "no," you have a realistic plan to raise the needed capital for your brilliant idea/ plan.

Exit strategy: You should be aware that even the most brilliant ideas fail . Therefore investors need to know that there's a contingency plan if you fail to save your company.

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