Creating a popular blog isn’t hard, if you follow this blog, you’ll be covered on the content end. The rest just involves social media. The hardest part about blogging is generating a positive ROI from it.
What we have learned the hard way is that monetizing blogs is much more difficult rather than building traffic, but I feel that now we have a formula that works well. Here is the formula we use to monetize my blogs:



If you have a product or service, you should do a weekly webinar. The webinar shouldn’t only just be about your product or service, but instead it should be around something that benefits your potential customers. Giving customer useful information drives them signups. Now, the tricky part about webinars is that

1. Ask them to sign up – you can tell people who are participating in your webinar to sign up. We’ve found that if you get 10% of the people to convert, you are really doing well, especially if you are driving them to a paid service
2. Offer a free trial – when people are signing up to participate in your webinar, include a “check box” that gives them an option to sign up for a free trial of service. We typically can get 41% of the people who participate for webinars to opt-in for our free trial.


It’s true that content marketing can drive millions of visitorsr therefore it is much easier than to
bring traffic on your blog than to your main site. Further, once you have a large audience reading your blog, you want to remarket them.
We’ve observed that when we remarket blog to readers, you will get a click-through rate .2%. Out of all of those visitors, 3.58% will convert into customers.

Calls to action

There are tons of ways by which you can drive traffic from your blog to your main website. The easiest ways to do is by through calls to action. There are 4 effective calls to action you can easily use:
1. Hellobar – You can simply place a simple little orange bar (whatever color your want) at the top of your blog posts. In that bar, you can put text (whatever) and call-to-action button you want. When people click on it, it drives traffic to a landing page
2. Navigation link – Within your navigation bar, you can include a link back to your corporate website.
3. Static & Scrolling ad –That ad gets clicked.

Case Studies

Case studies are another great way to drive customers. There are a few ways you can do.

1.Give away the farm – Case studies that tend to convert well in your experience are detailed ones. Here, you are giving away your secrets and letting people know exactly what you did in your past. Don’t forget to share picture of the customer as well as testimonial. And, most importantly, sell your service within the case studies.
2.Promote your case studies – The easiest way to promote case studies is to turn each one into a blog post. Just make sure that it benefits your readers/ visitors and teaches them something new & relevant.

Collect Email

The Best way to monetize a blog is through emails. It’s a much longer process than the above methods, but, actually, the conversion rates tend to be higher.Let’s start with the ways you can collect emails on your blog:
1.Popup – leveraging tools like PopUp Domination
2.Sidebar – by adding an email opt-in form within your sidebar.
3.Blog posts – you can add Blog post at the end of each blog post. There, you can add an email collection box.

Blogging can be very profitable. You simply have to focus on converting your readers into customers. One thing just remember don’t focus on monetizing blog until you have at least 20,000 monthly reader.


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