Hi.... Most of us are aware of the fact that if you have a great idea which has a worth that will be nourish or will give you a result in future ( if you are doing in a right direction).

The same thing has occurred with  YouTube Legend.

This Vlogger (born March 25, 1981) is an American. He dropped out of Ledyard High School in the 10th grade at age 15 and did not return to school or graduate.   

He is none other than CaseyNeistat


Neistat started to post daily vlogs on YouTube on March 24, 2015 and now, no one can imagine that he can has  5,913,496 subscribers and every video has nearby 1million views. Along, with the vlogging, Neistat has been working with Matt Hackett on building a video sharing app called Beme. This app can enable a user to create a 4 second video.

But recently from the last few weeks, we have heard a news all across the internet that  one of a great legend Casey Neistat ended his daily vlogs after nearly a month and a half  ( 31 Jan 2017 , not decided) and sold his company Beme for an outstanding amount of money.

We all know that jumping with a new project can only be described as scary and empowering. And, in his vlog (Published on 30 Nov 2016 ) “I sold my company to CNN” he has clearly explained few of the  elements behind such the jump (move).

Hope many of you have already gone through from the internet as to know- why he moved and what brought it on. Still , Here is the story from the man himself, Casey Neistat.


On the one side, he has the backing he wants from CNN as well as the team he built with Beme behind it all. To me, that is a huge win on both sides of the coin. They seem to have full freedom to where they want to take this new platform, even though they don't know what that is exactly yet, they get to continue doing something they are all passionate about. Will this end the debate that Casey sold himself out to CNN and the big name? Probably not but its good to hear him so vocal on the situation when in a world of tech we hear nothing but speculation and vague explanations as to what is happening and what will happen.

Further, I hope the best for the guy and his team. You can Check out the video (link find below from YouTube) in which Cassey explains in five easy steps what happened with the sale of his company. Even, he has shown his full faith over CNN and told “CNN believed in me”
YouTube  Link for your easy reference. In the video, he covered points like - the vlog, fear, future, money, and a personal thank you.

Looking forward to a good content from legend Casey Neistat on CNN stage.

Thanks for Reading ..!!


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