During event, apple said that it believes the future is wireless but if you've been listening and observing the company for a while you've known that this is the way that they felt for a decade or more. The technology is just starting to catch up an apple is doing a little bit to sort of aid and accelerate that process one of the examples of that is the new air pods apples air pods
come in a small case like this which acts as a charging device . There two bluetooth headphones separately not attached by a court which is to tradition for wireless bluetooth headset the air pod case access the charger. It charges itself via lightning port it has a small paring but on the back which you use just for initial pairing or you can use to pair to non apple devices or non iphone 7 devices so if you'd like to use it with . An old iphone or an android phone you absolutely can they act as regular bluetooth headsets and repaired the normal way but they do have a special pairing method just for iphones which is pretty slack you click open the lid. There are two headphones inside of nestled in here and you're charging you see that small green light here allows you to see whether there are fully charged or not you can remove them one at a time out of their casing. If we look down inside the casing there's small metal context those contacts come into contact with the bottom of the headphone
here and that actually allows each headphone to act as an antenna for the case for the initial pairing and repairing procedure. There's a small audio signal that tells you hey it's in your ear I'm ready to go and then from that point on you're just listening to whatever is currently playing on your phone you're able to activate things on your phone by double-tapping either one of your buds. You'll hear an audio tone and cereal activate on the device. Once you remove the one you can still begin playback with your other one and do anything. You normally would with just one year but in so how do they work that's the question the answer is pretty damn good the Bluetooth connection because it is a bluetooth LE connection when it's all said and done. It's strong 45 50 feet open field it's a little bit longer between walls I've experienced about 35 feet you know would standard walls and in the home at this point. i'd have to say that every part of the experience from the accelerometers that detect touch to the auto pause to the pairing the case and of course the design as long as your ear accommodates them is far superior to any other bluetooth headset that I've used but that being said the audio quality is about on par it's not incredibly stellar although they are very loud much louder than a standard set of your but if I had one major complaint it's that the accelerometers are really only used for one gesture the double tap which can be used to hang up phone call or to initiate commands via series of course auto pods happens when you take them out . I really wish that there was a single or triple tap to move forward and back in tracks or some sort of automatic gesture to increase or decrease. I feel that apple will focus more and more on audio as a platform so if you have one of these in your ear at all times and you're able to access any of your information that you have on your phone on your Apple watch on iPad or even on your Mac at home how much more accessible how much more interesting with the applications for that so I feel that Apple's building that audio platform out there expands on it with more and cheaper wireless headphones. I wouldn't be surprised that these people with the phone in two years and they will allow developers to build applications and even companies on top of the principle that if you have a continuous two-way audio connection with your user what things are possible and that is where I was going with this