The new Apple watch has a handful of new features but the major one is an upgrade in processor. So the new processor inside the the watch makes it run much faster applications open and close quicker that have been updated of course the native applications are all very very quick and snappy the 123 second limit on how much you want to deal with your watching any given basis is hit almost consistently now.

I did not find that in the past which was a big be because I feel that if it's not accomplished between one and three seconds with your watch it's a failure. So so far better success in that area with the new processor another new feature of the new processor in the second generation or series to Apple watch is GPS so now you can go on a run or take a swim in open water swim anywhere with site to the sky and get GPS readings.


So you can get your pace you can get your route and all of that without having to bring your phone along with you I've done some testing of this works just fine.

There's a sort of interesting process that Apple uses to capture GPS signal much quicker.They use local Wi-Fi coordinates and hot spots to kind of do ab a strangulation of where your watches that way when you exit that door hit the ground running literally you get connection to your satellite and can begin your workout right away i did a little bit of testing two of its new waterproofing.

So,  it now is waterproof down to 50 meters they have a new swimming feature of the watch in your workout app so you can set your time in your pool length and you get things like your dominant stroke your total distance and time your active calories your pace in your heart rate all kind of customized to work with swimming type workouts different strokes different lengths different paces and that sort of thing. Apple also has a pretty clever new way of finishing your swimming workouts if you're in the swimming workout app and you complete a swim you can tell it that you are done and unlock your stream. Because the screen does locks it doesn't get triggered by the water with your hand going in and out of it so if we start a workout here to unlock it i would just swivel your control knob and the watch uses the speaker as an impeller to push water out of its way so you don't get that muffled speaker sound of water sitting inside there.

That's actually a clever way of using a piece of already built in hardware to help but in your swimming workout in addition to the new processor there is a slightly larger battery apple says that they've made enhancements to the processor and even though the gps of course does even more battery when it's on it's not on all the time so the larger battery should lead to longer battery life even though that the processor is faster and more power hungry.

Because they've enhanced its efficiency in my experience i found that it does last longer I've gotten about two days worth of use on one charge with about twenty two percent left and that includes a couple of of minor workouts and obviously fooling around with a little bit more than I my on average because i've been 9 testing it.

if you already have an Apple watch should you upgrade at this point unless you are explicitly interested in the gps the full-on waterproofing or perhaps a little bit extra battery life I'd say no continue using your current watch until the next series of watches hit.  

However if you've been on the bubble or if you just love those new features go for it it actually works much faster with the newer processor and if you don't mind not having the GPS but just want more speed from the watch .Apple actually does offer a new tier the series 1 watch which is the siri 0 first watch with an upgraded processor only no GPS so there are a couple of options for you there now but if you like the new features go ahead and upgrade you won't be displeased it's actually very very very quick much quicker than the first generation and it actually a execute on the promise of quick interactions that enhance your life much better than the first generation.